If you are the type of person that enjoys relaxing outdoors, enjoying the warmth of the summer nights or the coolness of a fall day and just enjoying the beauty that nature provides, creating a garden patio in your yard can provide you with the environment you are looking for.

Home patio gardens are becoming a very popular addition to many homes and with a little simple planning they are not that difficult to create. Getting creative and working with the natural conditions you have to work with will give your patio a natural feeling and look. Patios don’t have to be a large level area, work with the land, changes in elevation add character to your landscape and leave more of a natural feeling of being apart of nature.

Container plantings, raised beds, rock gardens and winding paths are all features that can add a relaxing, natural setting to your home garden patio. Creating smaller areas along the winding paths for benches in different locations will allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature and the give you the create a variety of different gardens along the way. Flower, herb, vegetable and water gardens all can be easily included in you landscape design of you patio.

Your imagination is the limit when creating your own personal home garden patio. Get creative and work with nature when designing your gardens and adding gardens that will attract wildlife, like birds and butterflies will not only add beauty to your garden, it is also a natural method of pest control for your organic gardens.

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