Acrobats are men and women who turn handsprings and somersaults, throw each other around, jump, and do other tricks requiring strength and skill. They perform in circuses, on the stage, and on television shows. Years of prac­tice and good teamwork are needed to make a fine acrobat. The tricks done by acrobats are called acrobatics. The chief kinds of acrobat are: Tumblers and leapers. They turn handsprings and somersaults (but all acrobats can do that very well). The tumblers and leapers also train them­selves to jump in the air, turn one or more somersaults in midair, and land either on their feet or on their backs. It would seem that when they land on their backs they would be hurt, but they are not because they land at ex­actly the right point and are rolling as they do so, so that no part of the body hits the floor or the ground too hard. Balancers.

These are the acrobats who build themselves into formations with perhaps one of them (called the “understander”) standing on the stage; Acrobats have been popular in circuses for years, and are often seen on television. American Hroadcastiny Company two more acrobats standing on his- shoulders; and maybe three more acro­bats standing on their shoulders. It might seem that men must be very strong to do this, especially the one who holds up all the others, but this kind of acrobatics can be done without great strength. Of course, all acrobats are strong, but skill and training mean much more.

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